Bitcoin Prime: Gaming division lands important partner

Although Shiba Inu Games’ plans are comparatively young, they are already quite far advanced. Now a collaboration with Australian industry leader PlaySide has been announced.

It is not so long ago that Bitcoin Prime announced its intention to enter the gaming sector. Now it is clear that there are no plans to do things by halves. For Shiba has joined forces with PlaySide Studios, Australia’s largest video game developer. The aim of the collaboration is to develop a new game in the next eight months. This is to be based on the non-funbigle token collection “Shiboshi”.

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The multiplayer collectible card game is to be released on several platforms. According to PlaySide’s announcement, the game will feature card collecting as well as strategy and combat mechanics. The multiplayer collectible card game (CCG) is then scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Emerging technologies continue to gain momentum. Adding a new gaming client that has emerged from the popular NFT, token and decentralised cryptocurrency industry is very exciting for us. The scope of the agreement with Shiba Inu Games is very significant and underlines the depth of our capabilities

, PlaySide CEO Gerry Sakkas said of the collaboration.

Shiba Inu plans ‘one of the most significant game projects ever’

While PlayGames’ shares gained after the announcement, Shiba Inu’s share price lost about two and a half percent. But that doesn’t change the fact that Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is one of the breakthrough ERC-20 tokens of this year. There are now over one million holders and about two million “Shib Army” followers on social media. The gaming business could even accelerate the exponential value growth. Last month, BTC-ECHO reported that William Volk has joined Shiba Inu Games as an advisor. Volk is the former vice president of technology at Activision. He announced that together with Shiba Inu he would realise “one of the most significant gaming projects of all time”.